Kewaunee County - Germaine Bertrand

Office Address: 810 Lincoln Street, Kewaunee, WI 54216
Office hours:
  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Telephone: (920) 388-7126  Fax: 920-388-7129


Kewaunee Germaine Bertrand 2016About Germaine: Germaine was elected Kewaunee County Register of Deeds January 2017.

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About the Register of Deeds office The Kewaunee County Register of Deeds Office has two full time employees in addition to the Register. A computerized grantor/grantee and tract indexing system has been in use since 1992. Index and images are available back to March 1987. Images only, are also on the system back to 1935 and can be viewed using volume and page or document number.  The index on these only have recording information, no names or legal yet. All condominium plats, subdivision plats and certified survey map indexes and images are also available. Internet access to indexes and images are offered by contract and paying an escrow fee.

Kewaunee County Register of Deeds Office

About Kewaunee County:  Kewaunee County, created in 1852 from Manitowoc County, is named either for a Pottowatomi word meaning "river of the lost," or a Chippewa word meaning "praire hen," "wild duck," or "to go around." Located in northeast Wisconsin, the county seat is Kewaunee.

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