Jefferson County - Larry Eckert (1992 - 2006)

About Larry: Larry was born and raised in the City of Watertown, number 6 of 8 children. He graduated from Watertown High School in 1975. After a number of years, Larry decided to go back to school and he earned an AAS degree in Marketing from Madison Area Technical College in 1986. Larry has always enjoyed being involved in public service. He got his feet wet in politics when he was in high school during the 1972 Presidential campaign actively working in the GOP store front offices after school. On the local level, he was the campaign manager for the winner of a hotly contested mayoral race and soon after became one of the youngest Alderman in the City of Watertown. As an Alderman, Larry served on the Finance, Public Safety, and Licensing Boards as well as being the first liaison member between the City of Watertown and the Watertown School Board governments. During this time he was the campaign manager for the winner of the Sheriff's race for Jefferson County. After his stint as Alderman, Larry was appointed to fill the unexpired term of a deceased County Board Member, a post which Larry was elected to the next term. After moving out of his district, Larry once again was presented the opportunity to run for another political office. He was elected to the position of Register of Deeds for Jefferson County in November of 1992 and assumed the duties of Registrar in January of 1993. Larry is currently a member of the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA) of which he served as President from June 2002 thru June 2003. While in the WRDA, Larry served on the Audit & Budget, Legislative, Resolutions, and Nominating Committees. As the Register of Deeds, Larry is also a member of the Jefferson County Land Information Advisory Committee and a member of Wisconsin County Constitutional Officers. He has also been involved in local government as a former Village Board member for the Village of Johnson Creek and served on the Planning Commission for the village as well as Zoning Board of Appeals. His community involvement included membership in the Chamber of Commerce and a former ambulance driver for the Johnson Creek EMS. Larry is currently a member of the Jefferson County Republican Party and an instructor for Madison Area Technical College. Larry lives in the growing village of Johnson Creek with his wife, Cindy. He has 2 grown children, Margaret of Minneapolis, MN, and Michael of Sullivan, WI. Larry enjoys reading, cooking, antique markets and spending time at home when he gets the chance. He and his wife are active members of Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue in Mequon, WI. .


About the Register of Deeds officeThe Jefferson County Register of Deeds Office is open from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. No appointments are necessary for anyone searching anything in our office. We will provide assistance to anyone in getting them started but will not perform any searches for you. We have a grantee/grantor system of searching in the real estate records. Our real estate records are on a computer database since January 1987. We operate an imaging system called Acorde and have images of real estate documents scanned in from 1994 to the present. We are in the process of back-scanning all of our microfilm aperture cards and hopefully will be completed with that project by the end of 2004. At the project's end we will have optical images of all real estate documents from August, 1978 to the present. Our turn around time from acceptance of documents to returning to sender is 2 business days. Vital records requests are processed the day they come in. We do not provide phone searches f or any vital records. You may obtain a vital record by sending in your request along with the required fees or you may come in person and receive immediate service .

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About the Jefferson County Jefferson County is in the Southern third of the State of Wisconsin, conveniently situated between the major metropolitan areas of Madison and Milwaukee. This makes it an especially convenient location for travel to major shopping districts, entertainment or sporting events. Our county consists of 16 townships and the mostly rural atmosphere is dotted with 4 villages and 5 cities. The total area of Jefferson County is 564 square miles and our population is 78,000 +/- 

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