Waukesha County - James R Behrend

Office Address: 515 W. Moreland Blvd., Room AC110 , Waukesha 53188
Office hours:  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM  We do not record documents after 4:00PM
Telephone: 262-548-7583

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About Jim: Jim Behrend was elected to the Office of Register of Deeds in 2008 after serving for 8 years on the Waukesha County Board. Prior to the election Jim worked as a full time Real Estate agent. He has also served in local government as Mayor of the City of Delafield (1989 to 1994). Jim has a BBA from the University of Wisconsin Madison(Accounting) and is a CPA. From 1987 to 1991 he worked for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue...Serving as the Administrator of the Division of State and Local Finance. He also served on the original Wisconsin Land Information Board. He lives in Delafield with his wife Pam and three children ages 17,14, and 10.

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About the Register of Deeds officeThe Waukesha County Register of Deeds office employees 23 people, including 4 in Tax Listing. We currently process about 90,000 documents per year (450,000 pages). This year (2009) we will be replacing our cashiering and indexing systems. As a result, we should gain efficiency, reduce our reliance on outdated software, and begin to accept electronic filing

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About Waukesha County:  Waukesha County has approximately 380,000 people living in 37 local communities (Towns, villages, and Cities). We are primarily considered part of the western suburbs of the Milwaukee metro area. We still have some farming; but are increasingly residential, recreational and commercial land use. There are over 70 named lakes within the County.
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