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Below is listed in chronological order of photos (going back in time) and a brief description of Wisconsin County Courthouses that has graced the main page of this website the past months.
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Most photos courtesy Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors

January & February 2013

Crawford County
County Seat – Prairie du Chien
Current Courthouse – 1867

Prairie du Chien was an early seat of government for most of Western Wisconsin.  Crawford County was established as one of three territorial counties in 1818.  The courthouse expresses the rectangular formality of its Italianate style but the exterior features the warm color and rough texture of locally quarried Dolomitic limestone.
November & December 2012

County Seat – Manitowoc
Current Courthouse – 1906

The county seat was at Manitowoc Rapids when the first courthouse, a wood structure, was built in 1840.  After Manitowoc became the county seat, a second courthouse was built in 1857.    The current courthouse opened in 1906, it was designed by Manitowoc architect Christ H Tegan as a Beaux Arts, Neoclassical “temple of justice.”  Tegan also designed the Oneida County Courthouse.
September & October 2012

County Seat – Juneau
Current Courthouse – 1996

The original name of the Dodge County seat was Victory and later it was called Dodge Centre.  In 1848, the name was changed to JuneauThe first courthouse was a 40 foot by 60 foot structure built for $6,000.  The cost included basswood shingles and two coats of paint.  In 1877, the courthouse burned to the ground and fire destroyed the county treasurer’s office a year later.  Those events fueled the drive for a new courthouse, which was completed in 1878 for $27,000.   The second courthouse survived until 1996.  A stone structure was added south of the building in 1937 that doubled the building’s size.  The 1879 portion was demolished, the 1937 portion remodeled and a new structure was added in 1996.
July & August 2012
County Seat – Balsam Lake
Current Courthouse – 1975

Polk County, originally part of Crawford County, was created from portions of Barron, Chippewa, and Ashland counties in 1853. The county was named after James K. Polk, the nation’s eleventh president.
The courthouse designed by Hirsch Associates, Hudson, Wisconsin, this building (now referred to as the Government Center) was completed in 1975 at a cost of $1.4 million.
May & June 2012
County Seat – Durand
Current Courthouse – 1950

Unlike any other Wisconsin courthouse, this building, known as the Pepin County Government Center, was constructed in the early 1950s as a hospital. It was designed by architect Joseph Durran and built by Viking Construction of Minneapolis. It was sold to the City of Durand in 1971 and in 1972, Pepin County purchased a 30 percent interest in the property. The hospital continued to operate until the early 1980s. In 1983, the City of Durand deeded interests in the former hospital to the county for the new government center which opened in 1984. In the late 1990s a significant addition expanded the jail and law enforcement areas.
March & April 2012

County Seat – Oshkosh
Current Courthouse – Year Built 1939 

In 1860, the county’s first courthouse was completed for $19,689.  Exterior walls of the two-story structure were of Milwaukee cream brick.  The jail and sheriff’s residence were in the basement.  A new jail was built about the turn of the century for $15,000 and Winnebago County’s latest courthouse was completed in 1938.  The building features massive granite steps and symbolic carvings in limestone that frame a bronze doorway.  Portuguese rose marble was used in the main lobby with gray French marble in the corridors.
January & February 2012

County Seat – Richland Center
Current Courthouse – Year Built 1890, 1937, 1953

The courthouse, a two-story frame building with a cupola and courtroom on the second floor, was completed in 1857 and a jail was built of elm logs.  In 1860, a second courthouse was built after the first burned in 1869.  However, the county officials didn’t like the second courthouse and in 1867, a judge temporarily moved proceedings to another location.  In 1890, Richland County’s third courthouse was ready for occupancy.  The courthouse was refurbished in 1937.  In 1953, the cupola, clock tower and steep gables were replaced by an electronic clock.

October thru  December 2011

County Seat – Viroqua
Current Courthouse – 1880

In 1880, Vernon’s current courthouse was built for $23,168.  The 60-foot by 70-foot building includes a massive 42-foot by 58-foot courtroom.  A new jail was built in 1910 of red brick for $20,841.  A jail addition was built in 1974 and the jail was remodeled in 1990.  A few years later, the historic courthouse was restored and rededicated.

August & September 2011


County Seat – Elkhorn

Current Courthouse – built in 1962


In 1962, Walworth County’s fourth courthouse was built and design received state and national recognition.  President Kennedy had visited the previous courthouse and attended a county board meeting during his campaign.  A $19 million law enforcement center was proposed in 1995 but voters rejected several courthouse alternatives in a November 1996 referendum.

June & July 2011


County Seat – West Bend

Historic Courthouse – Year Built 1889

Current Courthouse – Year Built 1962


In 1885, West Bend was incorporated as a city.  Edward V. Koch of Milwaukee designed a new jail which was used until 1967.   Koch, who later designed the Milwaukee City Hall and courthouse in Door and Outagamie counties, was hired to design a new stone and brick courthouse, which was completed in 1889 for $45,000.  In 1899, the old frame courthouse was moved and replaced with a building now known as the courthouse annex, which was built for $46,369.  In 1962, a new courthouse was built for $1.8 million.  In 1980, a courthouse addition and law enforcement and corrections building were completed for $6.5 million.

April & May 2011

Green Lake

County Seat – Green Lake

Current Courthouse – Year Built 1899


The first courthouse was built at Green Lake, then called Dartford, but as the facilities deteriorated during the 1890s, Berlin residents launched a campaign to relocate the county seat.  In 1898, citizens voted to keep the county seat at Dartford and construction of the county’s current courthouse began the following year. 

February & March 2011

County Seat – Hurley
Historic Courthouse – Year Built 1892
Current Courthouse – Year Built 1975 

The original courthouse, built in 1892, is now owned by the Iron County Historical Society, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  A drill core 5 ½  feet in diameter is displayed near the historic courthouse as a visible reminder of mining to Iron County.  The shaft was drilled from 1942 to 1944.  The present courthouse and jail, designed by Nelson & Jorgenson Associates, was built in 1975 at a cost of $800,000.  In 2001, an addition was made to the jail along with a new wing to house Human Services – at a cost of $4,025,000. 

December 2010 & January 2011

County Seat – Menomonie
Current Courthouse – Year Built 1960 

The first courthouse was located at Dunnville.  The county seat was moved later to Meonomie and court was held in the “Charley Waller Building” which had a courtroom upstairs.  In 1872, a basic courthouse was built for $6,000 but the inside fittings boosted the cost to $45,000.  It was a substantial brick building in the center of a square that occupied an entire block of land.  The architect was A.J. Kinney.  The county’s latest courthouse, a Y-shaped building with three wings was finished in 1960 and cost $903,624.

October, & November 2010

County Seat – Sturgeon Bay
Courthouse – Year Built 1958, 1992

During the 1850s, mills opened on the peninsula for the logging industry.  In 1857, the county seat was changed from Gilbraltar (now Bailey’s Harbor) to Graham (now Sturgeon Bay).  The first county board meeting in the new county seat was held the following year.  In 1878, a committee was appointed to plan a new courthouse – plans were made by Casgrain, an engineer for the Sturgeon Bay Canal Company.   The estimated cost was $15,000 but the county only appropriated $12,000 so the plan was dropped.  Instead, Koch and Graebert of Milwaukee were hired to plan the courthouse.

September 2010

County Seat – Kenosha
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1925

The historic Kenosha County Courthouse is known for its striking murals.    With the creation of Kenosha County in 1850, a red brick courthouse was built for $10,500.  The one-and-a-half story building had a courtroom on the main floor with a gallery around it.  The building was razed in 1885 when a second courthouse and jail were completed for $31,000.  In 1925, a third courthouse was completed of gray Indiana limestone.  The three-story structure included county offices on the first floor, courtrooms on the second floor and the county board room and teachers’ quarters on the third floor.

August 2010

County Seat – Crandon
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1912

Forest County was created from parts of Oconto and Langlade counties.  But it wasn’t until 1901 that the railroad’s arrival brought a large number of immigrants from the hills of Kentucky hoping to find work in the lumber mills.  Crandon was incorporated in 1908.  Before 1909, a two-story frame building served as Forest County’s justice center.   A new courthouse, featuring a clock tower, along with the jail and sheriff’s residence were completed in 1912 at a cost of $55,000.

July 2010

County Seat – Alma
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1962

A courthouse was erected at Alma in 1861 and a jail built adjacent to the courthouse in 1868.  The county’s second courthouse was built in 1888 and demolished in 1968.  The existing courthouse was started in the summer of 1962.  In 1988, the county added jail space, sheriff’s offices, a garage, impound area and conference rooms.

June 2010

County Seat – Friendship
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1914

The original Adams County courthouse was a two-story wood structure at the existing courthouse site.  The courthouse square was used for basketball, croquet and Civil War troops camped there on their way to Camp Randall in Madison.  The existing courthouse was completed in 1914 and is based on a Neoclassical design, dominated by a central pavilion and a portico.

May 2010

County Seat – Ashland
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1915

The first courthouse, a two-story frame building was built on the site now occupied by the Ashland Post Office.  The current Ashland County courthouse, a three-story ashlar-veneer building with a large colonnade, was built in 1915 at a cost of $134,363.  Ashland County has sixty-four lakes which cover 11,000 acres.  It is also home of a great divide, where waters flow north to Lake Superior and south to the Mississippi River.

March & April 2010

County Seat –
Current Courthouse Year Built – year built 1956 with additions in 1966 and 1976

When Trempealeau County was created in 1854, Galesville seemed the most likely choice for the county seat.  In 1855, Issac Noyes and Amassa P. Webb were awarded a $1,000 contract, plus $25 for materials to build a courthouse at Galesville.  In 1859, the people of Trempealeau Village petitioned to move the county seat to their community.  In 1876, voters decided to move the county seat to Arcadia; a year later, Whitehall was approved in yet another resolution.

January & February  2010

County Seat – Crandon
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1912

The settlement rush to Forest County didn’t come until the dawn of the twentieth century.  In the 1890s, Crandon’s population was 250.  A decade later, the population had grown to 2,000.  Forest County was created from parts of Oconto and Langlade counties.  Crandon was incorporated in 1908.  A new courthouse, along with the jail and sheriff’s residence, were completed in 1912 at a cost of $55,000.

December 2009

County Seat – Kewaunee
Year Built – 1873, 1902, 1938

The first courthouse was built in 1873 for $12,000.  A $35,000 addition was finished in 1902 and the courthouse was enlarged in 1938 for $68,000.  An 1836 gold rush brought people to Kewaunee County and skyrocketed the cost of land to $1,000 an acre but the gold rush literally didn’t pan out.

November 2009

County Seat –
Shell Lake
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1989

Washburn County, named after a former Wisconsin governor, was carved out of Burnett County in 1883.  Construction of the county’s first courthouse began in 1889.  The new courthouse, designed by Bray and Associates, was completed in 1989 at which time the old courthouse was torn down.  A law enforcement addition was completed in 1991.

October 2009

County Seat – Kenosha
Current Year Built – 1925

The historic Kenosha County Courthouse is know for its striking murals and features a gray Indiana limestone exterior.  The three-story building originally included county offices on the first floor, courtrooms on the second floor and the county board room and teachers’ quarters on the third floor.

August and September 2009
St. Croix
County Seat – Hudson
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1993

 After more than a century being housed in buildings in downtown Hudson, the St. Croix Government Center was opened to the public in June 1993 on the east side of Hudson.  The building contains over 140,000 square feet and was built for $10,700,000.  Administration offices, courts, the County Board room, emergency communications, Sheriff’s department and jail are all housed in the three-story Government Center.

July 2009


County Seat – Appleton
Current Year Built – 1942

Before 1849, citizens of Outagamie County traveled to Green Bay for legal services.  Outagamie County’s first courthouse was established in a residence.  When the county board met in 1851, Grand Chute was the county seat.  However, A.A. Lawrence donated a block in Appleton for a courthouse and work began in late 1852.

June & May 2009
March & April 2009


County Seat – Portage
Current Courthouse Year Built – 1962

Columbia county’s Civil War courthouse, the second substantial courthouse in the state was demolished in 1962, after serving the county nearly 100 years.  A new courthouse was built on the same site in 1962 and it was extensively remodeled in 1992.

In 1863, the county board levied $8,000 for a courthouse but many citizens objected because they were paying high war taxes.

January & February 2009

County Seat - Washburn
Year Built - 1883, 1884

Originally part of La Pointe County, Bayfield County was created in 1866 and Bayfield was name the county seat.  The first courthouse was a wooden structure, was destroyed by fire in 1883.  James Nader, a Madison architect who also served as two terms as Madison city surveyor, was hired to build a new courthouse.  The building, which used local brown-stone granite, was of Neoclassical revival design and was completed in 1884.

December 2008
Lincoln County:
County officials decided to build a courthouse in 1876, two years after Lincoln County was separated from Marathon County. A new courthouse was begun in 1903. The courthouse, eventually completed for $119,882, featured a rotunda 32 feet in diameter with a balcony and second floor offices off the balcony. A 48-inch bell and one-ton clock were mounted on a roof tower.
October/November 2008

Marquette County
County Seat – Montello
Year Built – 1918 

Sited on a steep hill on the shores of Lake Montello, the Marquette County Courthouse is a modest example of Beaux-Arts design.  Construction materials included Montello granite, Bedford limestone, interior floors of terrazzo and walls with dark oak trim.  The original courthouse and jail, completed in October 1916 and was replaced in 1918 with the current courthouse on a hill.
September 2008

Grant County
County Seat – Lancaster
Year Built – 1902 

The current Grant County courthouse, one of Wisconsin’s most prized historic treasures, was begun in 1902.  The dome, inspired by St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, is an octagonal glass dome.  The dome is identical to one in Oneida County.  The three-story courthouse, has brick walls, Lake Superior brownstone trim, belt courses and window pediments.  Three types of brick were used in the exterior walls, including red clay brick for the basement, glazed brown bricks for the first floor and light-brown bricks for the upper stories

July and August 2008

Wood County
County Seat – Wisconsin Rapids
Year Built – 1956

The original Courthouse, built in 1881, served a population of 2,425.  The County Board passed a resolution in 1954 authorizing bonding for $1,000,000 to build the present courthouse and jail, which was completed in 1956.  Indiana limestone was used throughout the building.  In 1976, the County Board approved a $500,000 addition.  In 1987, a new larger jail was necessary and the county building underwent another face lift at a cost of $3,500,000
June 2008

Clark County
County Seat – Neillsville
Year Built – 1965

The county board in 1856 paid $300 to James O’Neill for land and levied $2,000 for a courthouse.  The building was two stories, painted white and had a moderate-sized courtroom and one jury room.  A jail was built in 1866 for $1,300 of oak planks.  It was replaced in 1882 and the county’s third jail, which survives, was completed in 1897.   The second courthouse, was built in 1876 at a cost of $35,000.  The third and present day courthouse was built in 1965 at a cost of $1 million.  It is a five-level building constructed of concrete, steel and stone.  It contains four ground level entrances, made possible by its construction on a hillside site
May 2008

Marathon County
County Seat – Wausau
Year Built – 1955

First courthouse built in 1851 – a tiny building housing the clerk’s office was built for $98.78.  The second courthouse, construct in Greek Revival style opened in 1868 cost $7,575; the courthouse built in 1892 cost $74,464.59 and served the county from 1892 to 1954.  The current courthouse was built in 1955 for $2 million.  The 1988 $13,700,000 addition included 82,000 square feet of new construction and $21,000 square feet of remodeling and reconstruction
April 2008

Rusk County
County Seat – Ladysmith
Year Built - 1902 

A bill to separate the new county from Chippewa County was passed in May, 1901 – after James L. Gates, a land dealer.  However, in 1905, the name was changed to Rusk County after a one-time governor Jeremiah Rusk because Gates had failed to pay $10,000 he had promised to the county for naming it after him.  The county’s original 1902 courthouse disappeared amid a series of construction phases from May 1995 through August 1997
January thru March 2008

Barron County
County Seat: Barron
Year Built: 1964

The county’s first courthouse was built in April 1876, a two-story frame building facing the creek was completed at a cost of $2,400, which was $283 more than the county’s annual tax levy. A jail was built in 1879. A new courthouse was built for $38,070 in 1901. Bonds were issued in 1962 for a new courthouse and the old was demolished. The new building on the same site was completed by February 1964.

December 2007

Price County
County Seat: Phillips
Year Built: 1966-67

The first Price County Courthouse, a two-story frame building with a tower, was erected in 1880. The first jail was built in 1880 for $665 but it burned in an 1895 fire. The second jail was built that year for $13,320.

November 2007

Florence County
County Seat: Florence
Year Built: 1897

After Florence County was created in 1882, land was bought for a courthouse for $925. The solid brick was built in a Romanesque Revival style with Wisconsin sandstone and blue limestone trimmings. Its wide steps lead to a north entrance and the 40-foot walls are topped by a high pitched roof with round turrets. The cost was $13,000 plus $4,000 for a matching jail with three cells. The Florence County Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in December 1984.

October 2007

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is an obelisk-shaped building in Washington, D.C. that was built to honor the first President of the United States of America, George Washington. This 555-foot-tall obelisk is the tallest building in the District of Columbia - by law, no other building in D.C. is allowed to be taller

September 2007

Rock County  County Seat: Janesville  Current courthouse – Year built 1955, 1997

Rock County’s first courthouse and a log jail were occupied in 1842.  The courthouse burned in 1859 and was rebuilt a decade later for $124,672.  In the early 1950s, the county board was debating whether to build a new courthouse and whether it should be in Janesville or Beloit.  A new courthouse was completed in 1955, with an addition built on the site of the old courthouse in 1997.

August 2007

Eau Claire County County Seat: Eau Claire Year Built : 1973

For 102 years until it was razed in 1975, the second courthouse served as the focal point for the community.  In 1935, farmers were given a drought relief project of remodeling the courthouse entrance.  The courthouse annex was replaced in 1953 and a new courthouse completed in 1973.  In 1993, a $3.6 million courthouse addition was approved.
July 2007

White House

Planning for a garden at the White House began with President Washington, who expressed a desire to plant a botanical garden. Washington purchased the land for what is now the South lawn from a tobacco planter named Davy Burns, while the North grounds originally belonged to the Pierce family. As the first President to occupy the White House, John Adams ordered the first planting of a garden.

June 2007

Menominee County County Seat: Keshena

Menominee County, which includes the reservation of the Menominee Indians, is Wisconsin’s youngest county and the only one without a courthouse.  Some court proceedings are heard in neighboring Shawano or Marinette counties.  The reservation and tribal status were restored in 1973, although Menominee remains a Wisconsin county.

May 2007

Oneida County: County Seat: Rhinelander - Current Courthouse built in 1910

In 1908, Christ Tegan of Manitowoc was hired to design a courthouse that would replace the frame building that had served as the Courthouse since 1887.  A stone, concrete and metal building was completed in 1910.  It was built of gray limestone with towering Ionic columns.  It is identical in design to courthouses in Grant and Manitowoc Counties.

April 2007

Calumet County: County Seat: Chilton - Current courthouse built in 1913. 

Construction of the first courthouse in Chilton wasn’t started until 1859, twenty-three years after Calumet County was established.   The current courthouse was erected in 1913 after the 1882 courthouse was destroyed by fire.  It features a low center dome and concrete-trimmed brick parapet.

March 2007
Oconto County: County Seat: Oconto - Current Courthouse built in 1891, 1907. The county’s first courthouse burned down in 1891.  Designed by Rau & Kirsch, the second courthouse was built in the same year for $50,000.  It is described as a gabled pavilion of blonde brick, featuring a clock tower and cupola with a statute of Lady Justice balancing her scales on top.  In 1907, fire destroyed the upper level but it was rebuilt with a larger cupola, additional dormers and red roof tiles.  Jail Annex was added on east side in 1960 and office wing on the west side in 1977
February 2007

Langlade County - County Seat: Antigo - Current Courthouse Year Built: 1905 - The first courthouse, a frame building was built in 1882.  The original frame courthouse was replaced by the current structure in 1905.  Murals feature the work of Axel E. Soderberg, a Swedish artist, who decorated the Swedish king’s summer palace in Uppsala, and then came to the United States.  He settled in LaCrosse where he gained a reputation as a figure painter.

January 2007

Pierce County - County Seat: Ellsworth - Current Courthouse Year Built: 1905 - The current courthouse, built on a hillside facing a commercial area, is of both Neoclassical and Beaux arts characteristics.  It features a hexagonal dome with alternating, multipane windows, Ionic columns and a rusticated red sandstone raised basement.  Glass globed wall sconces dressed limestone walls and marble wainscoting highlight the interior.  A three story brick stair tower in a mauve color was added in 1970.

October thru December 2006
Jefferson County: County Seat: Jefferson.  Current Courthouse – year built:1966.  The first courthouse, 30-foot by 40-foot, was completed in 1843 at a cost $3,000, included county offices and jury rooms on the first floor with a courtroom on the second. A log jail was built the same year.  In 1850, a brick jail was built and it burned down twenty-four years later. In 1861, a courthouse addition was erected. A brick, two and a half story jail was completed in 1875. The current courthouse was constructed in 1966 and a jail addition was built in 1991.
September 2006
Monroe County: County Seat: Sparta.  Current Courthouse-Year built: 1896 

The current courthouse was designed by Mifflin E. Bell and completed in 1896. Built from red sandstone from Superior area quarries. The historic courthouse was refurbished in 1996. The stately three-story building was designed in Richardson Romanesque style on a public square. It has a hipped roof attic crowned by a square central tower with open oriels and round turrets.

August 2006
Green County: County Seat: Monroe. 

Current Courthouse – year built:1891

Henry Hobson Richardson was hired as the architect. The two and a half story courthouse has a high basement, hipped roof and four corner towers. Masonry walls are made of red brick from Maiden Rock. The main level, 100 foot corridor has a checkered tile floor and oak wainscoting.

July 2006
Jackson County: County Seat: Black River Falls

Current Courthouse – year built 1878, 1937

The county’s current courthouse was built in 1878 along with a jail. The courthouse tower was removed in 1937 and an addition was erected. In 1960, a new jail replaced the 1878 structure, and in 1986, the law enforcement center replaced the 1960 jail.

June 2006
State Capitol: Built in 1838, the first Madison Capitol stood for 25 years until it was replaced by a larger building in 1863. After a devastating fire left the second Madison Capitol badly damaged, George B. Post & Sons designed the current Capitol, which was built between 1906 and 1917 at a cost of $7.25 million. The Madison Capitol is distinguished as being the only State Capitol ever built on an isthmus. -Excerpt taken from website.
May 2006
Lincoln County: County officials decided to build a courthouse in 1876, two years after Lincoln County was separated from Marathon County. A new courthouse was begun in 1903. The courthouse, eventually completed for $119,882, featured a rotunda 32 feet in diameter with a balcony and second floor offices off the balcony. A 48-inch bell and one-ton clock were mounted on a roof tower.
April 2006
Dane County: Dane County’s first courthouse was finished in 1849. The second courthouse opened in 1886 with a final price of $180,000. The courthouse was a four-story structure of red brick and sandstone. It was actually used for 71 years, until the City-County Building opened in 1957. A City-County Building addition of jails cells took place in the early 1980’s and the Public Safety Building opened in 1994.
March 2006

Waupaca County: Waupaca County was created in 1851 and the county’s first courthouse was built the following year at Mukwa on the eastern side. A jail was built in 1867 for $7,725 but the county had trouble building a courthouse due to a struggle on where to locate the county seat. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Waupaca was the county seat. A $15,000 courthouse was built at Waupaca in 1890. The courthouse was remodeled several times, including a 1906 addition. In 1990, a $10-million courthouse was completed.

February 2006
Milwaukee County Courthouse. (Milwaukee) Wisconsin’s most populous county, the Milwaukee County Courthouse is the most monumental of all Neoclassical courthouse in the state.  The three-story structure features rounded arches and Corinthian colonnades rising several stores.  The courthouse occupies an entire block in the central city.
January 2006
Vilas County Courthouse. (Eagle River) The first courthouse was completed in 1894, the first jail built two years later.  In 1936 a new courthouse was built on the same site.  An addition was built in 1976 and a new justice center was added in 1998.
December was Capital Christmas Tree
November 2005
Sawyer County Courthouse. (Hayward) The first courthouse was built of pine clapboard in 1884.  In 1962, the courthouse was razed to make room for a new courthouse on the same site.  A clerk of courts wing was added in 1992 and a health and human services wing in 1998.
October 2005
Iowa County Courthouse. (Dodgeville) The Iowa County Courthouse, designed by Ernest Wiesen of Mineral Point, is the oldest in continuous use in the state.  The two story structure was built in 1859 in Greek Revival style with buff Galena limestone from local quarries.  A white, two-story portico with a pediment is beneath an octagonal cupola. (No enlarged photo)
September 2005
Douglas County Courthouse. (Superior) Douglas County's first courthouse was built in 1871. It was a two-story frame building built near 25th Avenue East and East Fifth Street. The present courthouse was built during the year 1919 and was occupied in March, 1920. It is considered the finest courthouse in the Northwest. The construction consists of selected Bedford blue cut stone and Pavanazza marble.
August 2005
Taylor County Courthouse.  (Medford)  In May 1912, the County Board of Supervisors took the first step toward the construction of a new courthouse by approval of a resolution calling for plans for a new building at a cost not to exceed $60,000. The building committee favored a building of stone and brick, with a copper roof, with office and vault room "for the next hundred years." It was completed in November of 1914. This 105x65 foot three-story courthouse stands 45 feet tall. The Roman Dome caps the otherwise rectangular Greek Style of the courthouse and rises over the roof another 35 feet. A bell perches in the cupola of this dome. The courthouse sits proudly on the topmost elevation in the city.
July 2005
Ozaukee County Courthouse.  (Port Washington)  In June of 1901 plans were underway for the laying of the cornerstone of the new courthouse. The Merchants Advancement Association of Port Washington stepped forward to plan and finance the cornerstone celebration. On Saturday June 29, 1901, Port Washington welcomed visitors and dignitaries from the county and beyond. The cornerstone festivities began with a grand parade through the streets of downtown Port Washington.

June 2005

Lafayette County Courthouse.  (Darlington)  The Lafayette County Courthouse was built between 1905 and 1907 at a total cost of $136,556.17. When Mr. Matt Murphy from Benton, Wisconsin, died in 1903, he bequested that 70% of his estate be used toward the construction of a County Courthouse. Today, Lafayette County has the distinction of having the only Courthouse still in use in the United States that was paid solely by one man.
May 2005
Brown County Courthouse.  (Green Bay) In 1992, Brown County completed a ten million dollar project to restore and refurbish its courthouse. At the time it was originally dedicated in 1911, the newly built courthouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin was described by the newspapers as being "unsurpassed in the State". In the years following, however, the structure underwent many alterations and remodeling that hid it's original splendor and beauty.

Some photos courtesy Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors

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