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Forest County - Cortney Britten Cleereman

Cortney was appointed Register of Deeds for Forest County by Governor Scott Walker in November, 2012 and elected as Forest County Register of Deeds in January, 2013.  Cortney also serves as the Land Information Officer of Forest County.  Prior to the appointment of Register of Deeds, Cortney was the Deputy Register of Deeds and has been an employee of Forest County since 2004.

Office Address

200 E Madison

Crandon, Wisconsin  54520

Office hours:  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
May be closed from 12- 1, call ahead
Telephone: 715-478-3823

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About the Register of  Deeds Office

The Register of Deeds office has 1 full time deputy along with the Register of Deeds. Our office has been computerized tracting and Grantor/Grantee since 1992. We are back keying as time permits and are currently back to 1990. We still have paper records for our permanent recording. We are also linked to the Treasurer/Property listing office and can also view their documents.  Through the Land Information Program the County is digitizing its parcel maps and hopes to have this program completed by the end of 2004.

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