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Annotation of Birth Facts

The Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA) is continually working to prevent identity theft. One of the most commonly used documents for fraud is a birth record. It is because of this, Wisconsin State Statutes make it illegal to photocopy a vital record and use it as legal proof of birth. The solution to not making an illegal copy of the birth record would be to view the certified record which has a raised seal and then return directly to the person presenting it for verification. 
The WRDA is happy to provide you with a copy of a form which can be used by your organization to help ensure birth records are not photocopied. You may use this form for school, sporting, or any other organized function that requires proof of birth and age. The person filling out the form will be responsible for viewing a certified copy of a birth certificate that has been issued by the State or Local Registrar’s Office, US Dept of State or other foreign country, returning the certified copy to its presenter and to attest it was viewed. 
It is important to note, even these forms need to be handled and disposed of with care. The form contains much of the information on the certified record, so there is always a risk of fraudulent use of information. It is, however, safer than having copies of the actual certified vital record. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local county register of deeds.
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