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Statutory Duties

The Register of Deeds performs essential functions which include but are not limited to filing, recording, and issuing instruments and documents of significance both to the community as a whole and to its individual citizens.

• Review, record, file, scan, eRecord and maintain all documents authorized by law to be recorded as outlined in Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 59.43 and 69.
• Prepare documents for indexing, imaging and eRecording using quality control procedures.• Safely keep and return to the proper party, instruments which have been recorded.
• Make and deliver to any person on demand and upon payment of proper fees, certified and uncertified copies of official office records.
• Register, index, and file all marriages, deaths, births and domestic partnerships occurring in the county.
• Perform the duties that are related to vital statistics under Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 69.
• File, index and maintain military discharges per Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 45.
• Record federal tax liens, articles of incorporation, firm names and fixture filings.
• File all types of plats and certified survey maps.

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