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Vilas County - Sherry Bierman

Sherry  was elected to this office in November of 2020 and took office January 4th 2021.

About the Register of  Deeds Office

The Vilas County Register of Deeds has a full time Deputy, a Lead Document Technician and a Document Technician in addition to herself. The Register of Deeds implemented a computerized tract index in 1996 and digital imaging system in 2001. Images of all recordings are in hard copy (paper) form from 1893-1975, microfilm images from 1975-2001, and digital computerized images from 2001 to the current. Back-scan microfilm images have all been converted to digital records to provide efficient access. Due to many summer cottages on the many lakes, Vilas has over 45,000 tax parcels and a large tourism influx in the summer.

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